How Paintless Dent Repair Works


As far as the body damage goes, small dents or hail damages are not a great deal. They just affect the outer layer of the car, and the negative repercussions are frequently aesthetic. The PDR or the paintless dent repair is a method of removing the minor dents from the body of the motor vehicle. A broad range of damage can be repaired through PDR as long as the paint surface is undamaged. PDR method can be used on both Steel as well as Aluminum panels. 

Through this process, the technicians remove the hail damage, auto body repair, dings, minor dents and creases without harming the factory paint job on the car. Paintless dent repair has been gaining popularity as a lot of the customers are finding it to be efficient as well as inexpensive in compared to getting major repairs done at an auto body shop. PDR offers more usefulness than the traditional method of dent repair. This is an excellent way to care for the exterior of the car in a very affordable way. When looking for the best paintless dent repair denver one should click the link.

How PDR works?

PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is different from the traditional dent repair. In the conventional method, the auto body dents are filled in with paint or body filler which is then matched with the exterior of the rest of the vehicle. While this is an excellent way to make the car look as good as new, it does not address the actual dents in a way that is maintainable and a long term solution. It is also time-consuming, way more expensive and can also affect the resale value of the vehicle.

In the first step of Paintless Dent Repair, the damage is assessed. The size, depth, type of the damage is examined. The auto body repair company determines and organizes how completely this damage can be removed in this step.

The next step is the gaining of entry to the dent. PDR needs you to access the back side of the dent which signifies the careful removal of body panels, tail lights or the interior panel in some cases. For the performing of the PDR, you require a pathway to the dent. Once the path to dent is accessed, the PDR repair process should be initiated.

The third step is to get a better look at the dent. The experts of the auto body repair company use a particular type of light to examine the dent for providing of massage on the back end of the dent a lot more precisely.

The fourth step is the applying of slow pressure to work out the dent. Special equipment is used by the experienced staffs of the auto body repair company for the careful massage of the exterior back to put it back to the original position.

The PDR can be completed within the same day service, though it depends on the severity of the dent. The results of PDR is simply amazing even if you consider how non-invasive and quick the process is.